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News review: Dolphins cut Milles and other numbers



Beijing August 28th, US Tuesday, Dolphins announced that the old will be cut right, Jordan Mills. Mills is a new will signed this summer, the start of the team's first episode, but the performance is not excellent, and after an unapproved injury is missing for a while.





Hill last season, started 7 games, completed 2 copies. In the corner, Aquarib, Marcus Peters and Five-Points, Nickell Robey-Coleman, Hill It will become the second line of substance. His roles in this season should not have much change.





Falcon's right cut Kelly cloth - Kaleb McGary is expected to play the last preseason. He received heart ablation surgery at the end of July.



Titan running Delik Henry said that he would participate in the opening war of Arrange Brown. Before, he was restricted to the training in terms of the calf injury.



The crow signed the defensive defender Fish Smithson.



The chief signing is a list of Matt Moore, John Lovett to John LoveTt to the injury reserve list. Moore will not participate in the last preseason, Chase Litton and Kyle Shurmur will play a half field.



Brown cut the outside of Jalen Strong.



Viking is cut off the corner of the horn - Benwikere and the outside Jordan Taylor.



The lion signed four defigues Louis Perez, wholesale jerseys cut off four-dimensional David Fales and Runwazzi Zenner.



Mitch Morse - Mitch Morse is still undergiving the brain volatile inspection process, but participating in 11 people training.



Pills took over Parris Campbell (leg bib) participated in Monday training, and hoped to play a fight against Tiger on Thursday.



Wild horses right striker Ronald Leary (cyclic) can participate in the unveiling battle. Close-ended Jake Butt will not participate in this week training and competition. At present, Batt knees still have a pain, may continue to be absent.



Texas people take over the KEKE COUTEE ankle sprain, the probability will not participate in the unveiled battle.



The giant took over the Alex Wesley ankle injury, and the left truncated head of Sodell was absent due to personal reasons.



Steadman claims the corner of Jhavonte Dean.



Holtque line Weihasan-Redkick (Haason Reddick) is restricted to participate in Tuesday, and is still unclear whether the participation will be unveiled.



Cowboy offensive cutaway, La & Rsquo; El Collins, expects to participate in the unveiled battle.



The eagle signed safe Wei Jesson Tompson, Abandon Tre Sullivan.



The bear team adds the t.j. Clement (T. J. Clemmings) (Tetrate) to the injury reserve list.



49 people ran Jerrick McKinnon (Knee) returned to Tuesday, but the external Trent Taylor and Jalen Hurd did not participate in training. Taylor (Foot) is unlikely to play the first week, Held (back) is unable to determine possible. The second-year defensive front line member Kentavius ​​Street will receive knee mirror surgery on Friday and may be added to the injury reserve list.





Sanders is not the first to think that the biggest problem in Manning this season is a player who moves without an arm. This is the problem we have pointed out since September last year: Manning cannot move in the four-dimensional protection net and stable steps to have a negative impact on his pass.





Dolphins do not implement line Wei'an Dani contract option



In the 32-bit first round show in 2015, 20 contract options have been executed. Unfortunately, the Dolphin Line Weiston-Anthone Anthony is not one of them.





On Friday night, Sanchez suddenly appeared in the dance party to giving the children a surprise. It is reported that the hospital's dance has continued to hold ten years, this year is hosted by the Sports Association, the purpose of the ball is to let the school cannot participate in schools Children of the ball can also be held with the fun of the dance.





Sanchez signed and photo for the children on the spot, and of course there are recent popular "dabbing". Sanchez said this: "It is very important to do this. It's like the players of our team, helping those who need help, you need to learn to feedback."





Interesting is the view of the Carolina panther to Manning. Different cheap jerseys from china Sanders. When there is a NFL official website, NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that the black panther agreed that Manning was in the healthiest time, but the different places lied to Manning. It is not possible to pass like a few years. In fact, they think he is now like this to pass on the beginning of this season, and his arm is still one of the biggest mysters in the league at the beginning of the season.





"I have said before: We will not be perfect, but we need to become better, I think we can become better. Otherwise, if I think we have no chance to become better, then I will change But I think Case has a very efficient quarter-off condition in this offensive system. He can lead us to win in the future. "





Although Manning's weak arm strength is considered to be his disappointing culprit, Emmanuel Sanders adheres to the main problem lies in the footprints encountered in Manning in the June training camp. Membrane.


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